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Manager names from BURK.. to BYRN..

Burke , Ian
Burkert , Hans-Jürgen
Burkhalter , Walter
Burkhardt , Joachim
Bürkle , Thomas
Bürkner , Hans Paul
Burmester , Helmut
Burns , Michael J.
Burrows , Richard
Burton , Guy
Buscarini , Giancarlo
Busch, Roland
Busch , Wolfram
Buschmann , Bodo
Busemann , Andreas
Bushke, Hakan
Busquet , Santiago Bergareche
Busquin , Philippe
Busse , Dirk
Busse , Rido
Butcher , John Patrick
Butko , A.A.
Butler , Basil R. R.
Butler , Michael
Bütler , Hugo
Buttignol , Livio
Butting , Hannshermann
Buttmann , Peter
Buvari , Tamas
Buzina , Willibald
Buzzi , Alessandro
By , Carl-Olof
Byam Shaw , Nicholas G.
Bye , Rune
Byrne , David
Byrne , Dan
Byrom , Peter J.

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