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Improve your personal management image with a perfect media presence in radio interviews and TV-shows.
We have the best trainer and exercises for your event.
Our PR-professionals for your international presence in other media or for your annual business reports and speeches.
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The WHO'S WHO team is looking for students or senior managers, interested in the economy of their own nation to work as an editor for WHO’S WHO or promote internationally the content of WHO’S WHO to companies and customers.  Interested?

Student or retired, but interested in business contacts? Our publishing house offers an editorial task in your country from home. Read your daily newspaper looking for economic essentials within the most important companies of your country  add this information in english as update (combined with news from the WEB-site of the company) to the WHO’S WHO database and send the updated printouts of the world's renowned database WHO’S WHO in European business together with a special marketing offer to the respective companies.

Keep your marketing and sales experience up-to date and learn fast our database-editing to become an exclusive WHO’S WHO-editor in your country. For your practice in B2B-communication and developing your PR- and editorial expertness, you will get a good commission for all contacts accepting our marketing offer (see “products and prices” on our URL) A computer, a phone and a fast Internet-access are required, no specific IT-knowledge is necessary. Interested?

Contact us now with your short application and CV: info @who.de.

We'll answer soon and give you all information you need for success.



WHO’S WHO in European Management and why?
WHO’S WHO is since 1849 a platform to present biographies of personalities, their position and their success at a glance.

Create value in your business Contacts with profound knowledge.

Find a clear structured insight into the activities of some 20.000 leading Companies and Biographies of their Top-Managers as your business partners in Europe:

WHO'S WHO offers a special rate for the access to the famous database.

Complete access to weekly updated manager biographies of the major companies in Europe and company surveys of a 10,000 top companies in Europe at a special price:

€ 490

for a year's access from everywhere with your personal account to this B2B- database. info@who.de